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Birth Plan

Ok...let’s get real!!! Prior to my first pregnancy, I dreamt of me pushing my baby out in different ways!! Here I am, a few days before my due date...having mild contraction. I’m thinking...hey, I think I can do this! Well, wishful thinking on my part. I went to see my OB per their request, to check to see if I’m in labor. The OB was excited to tell me that my contractions were consistent indicating I was in early labor. At that time, frequent vaginal exams were a thing. OB said I had not dilated, but noticed something odd. She sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound (their machine was not working 🙄). I was sooooo hungry, I was going to do a detour on my way to the hospital. I was convinced not to. An OB performs the ultrasound and scares me by saying my baby would be anywhere between 8.5-9lbs. Great!!!! The baby is healthy!! One issue...the baby is breech!! The OB refused to maneuver her due to her size. Drum roll!!!! OB: We have to perform a c-section! My heart dropped. I didn’t want that at all. However, I didn’t want to put myself or the baby at risk. My healthy baby girl was born several hours later weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and 21in long!!!! She was so perfect!

What’s your story?

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